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Authentic Leadership

The authentic leader is not something that just happens to a person. There is character development, reflection, accountability, passion, and hard work in becoming an authentic leader. As I have noted, there are many great books that help us think about what it means to become a great leader, but none are as effective as […]

Titus 2 – Sermon Outline

By God’s grace, salvation makes us alive unto good works, through sound doctrine. Teach sound doctrine (vv 1-10) Older men (v2) Older women (3) Young women (4) Young men (v6) Slaves (v9) How to teach sound doctrine (v7) Show integrity Possess Dignity Have Sound speech Doctrine of Salvation (v11-14) God brings salvation for all people […]

Acts – Chapter 2

Introduction Another great day to study God’s word together with great men! Today our focus was on Acts Chapter 2. This chapter has 47 verses and it’s primary focus is on how that time period was the fulfillment of many Old Testament prophecies. It is also focussed on the Holy Spirit infiltrating people’s lives and changing them […]

Company Analysis of Möbius

öbius Learning is a custom eLearning company that specializes in content creation and delivery systems. Möbius is able to transform any technical subject matter – medical devices, machine tools, cutting tools, lean, math, quality solutions – into clear and concise training. Möbius is dedicated to providing their clients with a world-class workforce through the delivery of superior instructional […]

Acts – Chapter 1

Introduction It is always wonderful to gather and study the scriptures with men who are chasing after God’s own heart. Today, our men’s study group, met at Panera Bread at 7am to discuss our assigned reading of Acts chapter 1. Yes, that is early for me! As we read the text we were instructed to read […]